Estrada Land Planning is a landscape architecture firm that has been located in downtown San Diego since 1985. Founded by Vicki Estrada to design places that are fun, creative,¬†sustainable, ecologically sound, cost effective and responsive to the needs of our clients and the community. We believe landscape architects are uniquely qualified among design professionals to act as “mediators of the land” and create designs that truly merge natural factors, social factors, engineering, art, and architecture. We are accustomed to leading design teams consisting of many sub-consultants. As such, our firm has designed hundreds of projects for private and public entities including single family residences, multi-family housing, streetscapes, transit stations, trails, plazas, native plant restoration, erosion control, natural stormwater systems, public utility substations, public parks, commercial landscapes, visual impact analysis and the layout of large master planned communities.


Estrada Land Planning is a certified DBE/UDBE, SMBE, SWBE, SBE, SLBE firm.


Our specific capabilities include community facilitation, preparing site studies and master plans, subdivisions, mixed-use land plans, design guidelines, visual analysis, mobility studies, landscape concept plans, construction documents, plan processing, obtaining planning permits (such as a CUP) and construction observation.


The services we provide are comprehensive and diverse. They include:

  • Vision Creation
  • Site Planning
  • Report Preparation
  • Community Facilitation
  • Visual Impact Analysis
  • Visual Computer Simulations
  • Community Character Analysis
  • Sustainable, Low Impact Design
  • Landscape Concept Plans
  • Construction documents
    • Irrigation Design
    • Planting Design
    • Grading Design
    • Hardscape Design
  • Specification Preparation
  • Bidding Assistance
  • Obtaining Permits/Project Processing
  • Construction Observation